Librem 5 Battery Life has been Doubled

I don’t think anyone has posted the great news yet, so:

Awesome job, Purism!


Purism :heart:

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Weird i just wanted to post that the latest update seems to drain the battery more.
my phone won’t survive the night now on a full charge.

It seems that suspend is not re-enabled on my phone (maybe i need to toggle it)

I wonder how much the actual improvement will be when all the needed modifications are implemented.
Nevertheless, it seems to be a huge improvement.

I wonder if it would be possible for suspend mode to be scheduled.
Like suspend each weekday between 23.00 to 4.15 hours and disable suspend outside this time window.
In combination with multiple schedules Suspend Mode would become a very interesting feature.


I would guess so.

Coming out of suspend though might have to wait until the second noted limitation is addressed.

Ok. This is cool. But, and I hate to be a negative-nancy, this is basically a “suspend works now” post. It does not have a noticeably improved battery life while in use. Correct?


I agree and think it is misleading to claim that battery life has doubled.


One problem I see possible with the Suspend option, is using the L5 in a Hoyoki dock. :thinking:

  1. If L5 is set to Single Display choosing the Monitor instead of L5, L5 cannot dim the monitor.
  2. But,
    ➜ If L5 is set to Single Display choosing the Monitor instead of L5 and
    ➜ w/ Auto Brightness off,
    ➜ Dim Screen Off,
    ➜ Blank Screen On (set how many minutes)
    screen will blank when minutes hit target.
    The screen will wake on keys typed on remote keyboard.

The problem I think I see is when Automatic Suspend is On, and it suspends nothing will wake it.


Yes Purism improved the battery life on Active Mode, not just in Suspend Mode. Also Purism still improvement the battery life in all the modes like: Active Mode, Inactive Mode, Suspend Mode and in my opinion i am very confident that the Librem 5 will have a fancy battery life overall.

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You can go into the power settings and set automatic suspend on battery power only. That way when it is plugged in and receiving power from the Hoyoki dock it will not go into suspend.


From the post:

Just like a great wine, the Librem 5 is getting better with age and it may well be the only smartphone to do so.

Alright, time to dust it off and see if that means it’s finally usable.


I’m a bit concerned by this as it seems to be “hey look at this amazing thing, alright if you read all the way through you’ll see it’s still a work in progress and if you look at the forums you’ll see our own developer calling it a work in progress, but if you just read the headline and initial blurb (that is often a synopsis in articles) it looks like it’s done and rolled out to everyone” this feels pre-mature to me and reminiscent of 2019 Purism that was too much hype and too much optimism.

I also miss when @Kyle_Rankin would make a forum post to correspond with the articles, hopefully @francois-techene or someone else can pick that up going forward.

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As an alternative, you could use RSS for that.

RSS isn’t much of a platform for discussion :wink:

That’s right. It only fits when it’s about beeing notified …

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Does it matter who does it? Someone else has done it for this blog post. Other forum members do it on other occasions. I have sometimes been the one to do it.

Yep, I receive via RSS as well, so if no one puts something in the forum, I will still have seen the blog post.

My opinion … and I think I have seen this suggested before (maybe by me :wink:) … it should be automatic.

I wonder whether there is an RSS-to-Discourse bridge.


Hi, what battery lifetime can people here achieve? I have Librem 5 Europe, and find that even with wifi / broadband / bluetooth off, battery life is about 24 hours. Automatic suspend is also on. Phone was updated a couple of days ago when I received it (do I need to check again?). Any other suggestions to improve things?

Hi LHEng,

before it was about 10 Hours. So you have the up to date power saving for experience. What you can do? Just wait up till the Developers improve more.

And in addition, if i am not totally wrong. On new Phones there was something like a battery calibrate time. Its good to have some cycles of nearly complete draining and recharging to 100% (the Red Light will turn off) to train the Powermanager with the right capability.

The First two days i did not enable Automatic Suspend, surfed over Wlan. Done a two hour walk with hearing a podcast and using the Headphones. And later the Day my phone power down, seconds ago showed 20% Battery.

Oh and for the summer season: If you can try to keep your phone not at high temperatures in the sun and charge in cool rooms.



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Thanks Christa. Interesting, and good to know I haven’t been doing things too far wrong!
I do have an indication in the power settings of battery % and time to “run down” - although this morning, it gave me 52% and 2 hours, but later 50% and 4 hours (no settings changed) so maybe a guide rather than an absolute.

It will check automatically according to its schedule.