Librem 5 Bell Canada?

I was wondering if the Librem 5 was going to be working with the Bell Canada carrier. I did some research, but nothing clear came out, so I am asking the community.

Check this:
and this:

Looks like either of the US modems (PLS8-US; BM818-A1) will work on 2 3G bands, but only 1 LTE band used by Bell. You’ll have to find out if that 1 LTE band is adequate where you live, I guess.

BM818-E1 (Europe, mainly) also covers 2 3G bands and 1 LTE band for Bell, but it’s a different LTE band from the US modems.

Edit: At least that’s how I understand it.

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By the way, this question actually pertains to the Phones category (not Librem in general), but I don’t know how to link it or re-categorize it. Maybe a Purism moderator can help.

Correction: Awesim only works with calls placed in the US not in Canada, Mexico, etc…, idea of how to upgrade to place calls and messages abroad?

Recently tested the US version in Canada with Awesim and connectivity was spotty while driving.

I changed the setting to 3G, 4G preference otherwise network connection with Bell would not work (with 2G, 3G, 4G US preference).

Text messages were blocked and when i tried to make a call it said recharge account or call service provider (a bell auto answer machine).

So it appears to work but there were many more disconnects and difficulty establishing any connection compared to the US. Also Awesim did not appear to cover Canada with the US plan. Somewhere i thought i read it should support sending messages?!

Possibly the exact details of Awesim have changed with the change of provider.

Purism web site says that roaming in Canada is possible (no additional cost) but doesn’t specify exactly what works and what does not work.

Probably best to ask Purism directly.

Hi, I’ve used my Bell (Canada/Ontario) SIM in my Librem 5 and it works :). I used the default US modem I believe, so nothing special. I think when I was comparing models the Euro one had a couple of the Bands too. If you have any specific questions fire away.

Things I’ve done:

  • SMS (Have not tried MMS)
  • Calls


  • I have missed calls entirely but I think this is a general system problem that isn’t related to Bell