Librem 5 Bill of Materials

Is the Librem 5 bill of materials/parts list published anywhere? I’m trying to find the datasheet for the SD card reader but can’t find a part number for it. The links on the Hardware Reference page only have electrical schematics and assembly diagrams, but no part numbers.

Searching for the number above the SD card reader on the schematic without the “SA” in front or the “-01” on the end brings up this component from a company called Hanyones that looks correct. It looks like many of the components in the schematic have a part number next to them, but it would be nice to have a list that explicitly states manufacturers along with the part numbers to remove ambiguity, something like the Pinephone component list.

I don’t know why you need the specs of the SD card reader, but I would like to remark that I recall some info that the SD card reader is connected to the Librem 5 via USB2 (because the CPU had some limitation in the number of USB3 and they used the USB3 for other functions), so the speed is limited by the USB2 and even if the reader itself and the SD cards are fast, you will not get a very high speed out of it.

If I search for microsd on the schematic, I can find USB2642.

I don’t need specs, I need the datasheet - see the link with the text “this component” in my above post. Component datasheets have information about which pins do what, which is important for electrical testing. I was checking to ensure that the reason my SD card reader isn’t recognizing any cards wasn’t due to a fault in the hardware.

Thanks, I hadn’t gotten deeper into it than the card holder, but that does look like the chip that actually reads the card. Unfortunately it looks like something in that form factor wouldn’t be able to be tested without desoldering.

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