Librem 5 Buetooth Audio

yay managed to be faster in posting this than anyone else.

'Cause sometimes a video is better than a few posts about bluetooth :wink:

@Caliga Does this qualify for an entry here? :slight_smile:


Super classy video! Great job team Purism!

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Does this mean the Librem 5 already works with in-car Bluetooth audio/calls, or is that more complicated?

it is HFP/HSP profile, different one albeit provided by PA as well. It relies on oFono stack however to manage calls but L5 uses MM stack so will require certain patching to move HFP/HSP server role off.

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Iโ€™ve always had a lot of issue with Bluetooth on Linux. It may because my hardware but Iโ€™m excited for the Librem 5, people will want to use the Bluetooth on their phone and itโ€™ll get better over time as knowledgeable people find and fix the issues.

this is a nice way to start the day :wink:

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