Librem 5 Calendar App

Great news!

Aahhh, really promising! Looks great!
To be honest, I don’t use Gnome calendar on the desktop, because it offers no day view, which is IMO essential.
Your screenshot does’nt show it either. Is it scheduled for the near future?

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These screenshots from last December show a day view (: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

The app was not very usable at that time, but it’s looking good, based on what @carlosgonz posted.

If you install it from the pureos store it looks a lot like a what @carlosgonz shows. However if you look at the week or month view, Friday and Saturday are off screen and not visible in portrait mode.

You can add an event without issue. However the edit screen doesn’t fit well on screen. It is usable, but not pretty.

It is mostly usable as a whole, but not easily so. Need to do a good amount of fanagling to do some common actions.



What? Where? When? How? :slight_smile:

Where is the source code for the calendar app version you are showing here?
I guess it’s not but something else?
Can anyone try the version you are showing?

Yes is in the Purism factory:


Cool, thanks for sharing this. Based on the main repo it looked like this was a long way off. Never saw the purism branch.

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Thanks for the update. Sounds good, will try it out.


Sorry, if it’s a dumb question, but does this represent some kind of improvement? I’m not sure what the featured addition is in the picture.

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@joao.azevedo [Correction: @adrien.plazas, not Joao] has apparently got the app to be adaptive to the Librem 5’s screen, which it wasn’t up to now. Being non-adaptive before, the screen views were unscrollable, and to see a complete view of any screen, the app had to be shrunk so small that it was very hard to see anything.



Wow, wow, wow, Adrien Plazas is working on making the app adaptive. I just got to play with it as a “alfa tester”.

As the post stated it is still a work in progress

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My mistake! Apologies, @adrien.plazas! :slight_smile:

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I tried building this but need a newer version of glib than is available in the repos. While I can track that down and build this myself, I’m curious if this is the route you’d recommend if I just want to try this newest version of GNOME Calendar to see how it looks. Or is there a Flatpak I can install this version from or something?

It’s on a throwaway L5 VM so I don’t care if I Franken-Debian it or anything, I just want to see how this app looks in it’s current WIP state.

download the debs from the CI pipeline:

It does not, unless you’re on amber-phone - all the required dependencies are in byzantium.

Also that “detail” yes :smiley:

Byzantium x86_64 in QEMU.
The error I was getting was ERROR: Invalid version of dependency, need 'glib-2.0' ['>= 2.67.5'] found '2.66.8'.

But either way, downloading the .deb from the CI Pipeline worked, and I gotta say the app looks pretty great in Week/Year view as well. Not perfect, but getting very close.

Sounds like you were trying to build an unpatched version. One of the patches is build: Bump glib down to 2.66.8 :stuck_out_tongue: