Librem 5 Call Quality

I got my Librem 5 Evergreen in April. I liked it so after a while I bought a Liberty Phone to get the larger EMMC and RAM.

I use the device mostly for internet or running software, and am less of an SMS / Phone call user although I occasionally use them.

I’m coming to the realization that users report to me that the audio quality on Liberty Phone when I call them is bad. This is seemingly moreso true than it was with my Librem 5 Evergreen. I think the issue is not the mic, since making calls with Mumble or Dino or other software seems to be fine.

But the software of the phone call function, specifically, seems to be giving users on the other side a bad experience. Is there any known reason why this might be? Maybe sometime soon I might try moving the SIM between both Librem 5s to review an exact comparison of audio quality when I call someone, although I didn’t yet.

May be it is because wrong Pulseaudio Perfil to 4.5G Calls as a Volte requiere higher bitrate than 3G Calls. To be honest i not checked MM because i still not using my Librem 5 as my daily driver.
No worries Librem 5 still under heavy construction. :wink:


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The solution may be as simple as changing the default microphone volume higher or lower.

I had a lot of audio complaints until I lowed my mic gain. I got my wife on the phone and made changes as she was listening to get it set correctly.

My takeaway, that may be incorrect, is that its like making a call from a computer using a program that doesn’t automatically set the mic gain.


Misadjusted microphone gain caused bitter complaints for my callers. In the sound settings, I have the Handset microphone gain set to about 40%, which makes me intelligible to the other party. However, they still say I sound somewhat muffled (my higher voice frequencies being filtered out). However, I can hear them with perfect quality when they speak.

For a crude audio test I called a SIP account I have on my laptop computer. I then recorded the audio by selecting ‘monitor’ of my built in sound device. First you hear a OnePlus 6, then you hear the Librem 5 for comparison. Both were using my T-Mobile SIM, Cell data, ‘normal’ phone call. The L5 mic level was around 40%. Cell service indicator was showing about 3 of the 4 bars.

They both sound fine to me. The L5 isn’t worse in my opinion. Perhaps better.


I daily drive my L5 and use Mint Mobile as a carrier. My L5 has been flashed very recently, it has the latest firmware and software updates, and has the mic set to it’s default level. I still have people who simply can’t hear me - at all. This issue mainly seems to be when calling land line phones; cell phones are ok - but calling a land line is one of the tasks I cringe at. The other issues that I still have are lack of a ring tone when calling certain people (cell phone or land-line), muffle for the recipient, and echo for the recipient. I wanted to put this info out solely for constructive purposes to Purism, and relatable purposes for the community.

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This is important to me, thanks for the feedback. I am looking to learn about any progress made in this area.

I’m with T-Mobile. When I call another T-Mobile subscriber, there is no “ringing” sound fed back to me. When I call a Verizon subscriber, I do get the ringing feedback.

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