Librem 5 Calls app and Restart


I use the Librem 5 daily and mostly it works ok.

I have some small issues with Calls app.
I notice others have issues such as
Occasionally callee cannot hear me.
Occasionally Phone appears to dial but nothing happens.
Occasionally Incoming call shows up but when I touch the answer button nothing happens

For all these cases I use the drop down screen power button to Restart the Librem 5.

I notice quite a few times when I restart when a glich happens I get the message
Calls App is active. (not sure of exact wording)

I have tried to terminate the Call function in Usage when I get an issue but I have not been able to determine if that helps.

If I terminate Phone Shell in Usage the Librem 5 reboots.

So it appears to me that somehow the Calls app is interfering with itself and the Calls app is not terminating properly.
FWIW I have turned on the Suspend function.

This is just to pass on some information and feedback regarding the calls app.

As a complete By the Way.
When I initially got the Librem 5 I connected to my Home Network using a ‘bonelk’ hub.
At that time I had no SIM card installed.
The Librem 5 software immediately and without my control updated itself.
Perhaps this process can help others who cannot get their Librem 5 working.