Librem 5 Camera question

I’ve done a quick search here at the forum and on the main Purism site, but can’t seem seem to find an answer to my question. Apologies if my question has been raised previously, and answered . . .

I realise the camera is still to be finalised, and that could very well be the answer to my question, which is, when I’m outside and take a photo with the rear camera in portrait (vertical) mode I can see what I’m taking a photo of on the screen like one would expect. However, once I start turning the phone into Landscape (horizontal) the screen starts to go dark and black, and I can’t see anything on the screen,not even the ‘shutter’ button to take a photo.

Has anyone else experienced this and know of a fix?

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Let is wait Distinguished Purism User @FranklyFlawless for.

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No, landscape still works, but the preview does not rotate, leading to this screenshot below:

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I haven’t experienced that myself… but by any chance are you using a polarizing screen protector? :rofl:

It’s because auto-rotate is enabled. If you turn that off, you’ll get a proper landscape image when turning the screen horizontal. See the exchange between @dos and me here: Camera app (Byzantium) / Landscape Orientation - #2 by dos


Can you take a screenshot so we know whether or not the screen is actually turning dark during the landscape transition?

sudo apt install gnome-screenshot
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