Librem 5 camera software

Be careful with “sun emitters full spectrum”. This is the real sun light spectrum, with all the absorption that don’t arrive the earth. It’s partly the fingerprint of the sunlight and partly the absorption through the atmosphere of the earth.

Also sunlight gets weaker through atmosphere, but some parts more than others. So some wave length arrive the earth ground more often than others (often just little differences, except end of visible violet range).


I want CRI 95, why its the highest number!

The best CRI, that is CRI100, is for incandescence bulbs, candles, pressure lanterns (I am sure @tracy has a pressure lantern hidden somewhere in his house :grinning:). The moment you move to leds CRI drops (up to now—do not know if in the future 100 will be achieved with leds).

Personally I do not like leds for reading. I prefer incandescence bulbs although they consume more energy. I find them more relaxing. However, it is almost impossible to get such bulbs in Europe, they are forbidden with one exception: I buy oven lamps for reading! Fortunately they have found no way to substitute oven lighting with leds so far because of the high temperature of the oven.

They have produced “economy” incandescence lamps but these contain iodine and I find they produce harsher light for reading.


Try one of these. Their LED bulbs produce a very natural, dimmable light that’s great for reading. I’ve got one clipped to the top of my laptop.

(Amazon link here.)

According to the manufacturer’s site the high end desktop models are CRI 85. Since this is in American market this measurement does not include Red. So it is even worse than the above apple at 85. Of course this is good for a book which typically is black letters on white or creamed paper. The less expensive (than the desktop) version clip light of the above links is “high CRI” on the manufacturer’s page, without giving a specific number. So it probably even lower than 85.

The temperature of these leds are either 2700 or 3000 (it is unclear) which is good. (If 2700, it is better).

Dear @amarok I do not trust the industry as I trust a social purpose company such as Purism. They clearly used the feelings of people for the climate to raise the cost of bulbs at least 6 times (incandescence compared to leds) and they rarely last longer. Moreover what substances do they use? When they forced us abandon the old bulbs their products where the fluorescent ones and they did everything they could to hide the fact that they contained heavy (toxic) metals. Why should we trust them?

If the substances they use to cover the leds are worn out (in case their leds last long), wouldn’t these leds emit light in the UV range? They will.

As for the excuse that they use less electricity, I have to say that humanity has the know-how to get all the energy we need from the Brother Sun. Stop pumping oil. Anything else is an excuse to make money from the climate problem.

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Hey Carlos,

Would the usual updates we get include update of the camera version? I ask because I don’t see a v.# when I open Camera.

Needs to behave like a webcam when referenced by other browsers…

Sorry i can not getting ur question, you talk about camera or libcamera?


The L5 I have has a icon just called “Camera Dev” and once open, it’s just called “Camera”.
You are first I’ve read and remember that talks about Libcamera and I would like to compare the two.

Libcamera is the Engine of CameraDev so we are using both and massive improvement will be in gnu crimson.


What’s the eta for crimson?

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Very soon for brave peoples.

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There’s no ETA. Paraphrasing a developer (writing in this forum) … it comes when it comes.

However, as @carlosgonz says, if you have a spare Librem 5, you can be an early adopter - and be on the bleeding edge.

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Needs to be able to be called as a webcam when in applications like web browsers…

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I do recognize what you write. But it seems to me that you did not read carefully. I wrote about energy production. I did not say “stop consuming energy”. I wrote that the Sun provides all the energy people need in their everyday life and thus pumping oil for energy is not needed. You may disagree and say that I am wrong that the solar energy is not enough and we could argue about this.

You may argue that we do not have the technology to get all the energy we need from the Sun. I will counter-argue with the example of NiCd batteries. They were holding nonsense quantity of energy, they had memory problems etc, and when the industry needed large capacities they invested in research and very soon we had NiMH, then Lithium batteries, LiPo and now I read that there is a new breakthrough for the car batteries.

All this is to say, that humanity has not invested in getting the energy we need from the Sun who provides abundant quantities. They have invested on oil-energy.

With these thoughts I wrote stop pumping oil. Of course we need roads and devices and more. No one wants the jungle.

New car prototype batteries get a full charge in 15 minutes or less, and they weight much less. With such a scenario why would you want to charge your car from oil-produced electricity and not from the Sun?

I hope the above clarifies my approach.

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I still think nuclear fission would be amazing if done using Thorium and making the waste process utilize a salt pile… Although, I’m not entirely sure.

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libcamera v0.2.0 is out

  • lot improvements and fixes

@dcz where you are? come back back back to Purism.
We need to have our own accelerated camera stack programmer as Dorota it is , not from others as Postmarket.