Librem 5 carrier compatibility thread


Walk in, tell them you’re bringing your own device, get them to port your number in (if desired) or receive new number, insert new sim in phone, turn on phone to connect to service. Or do something similar online. There are decent MVNOs (resellers) of both AT&T and T-mobile service, and they may be cheaper and offer more options than the main carriers.
Edit: This applies to US users, obviously.
P.S. You can look for MVNO reviews online to help you decide.


As for modems, you’ll want the BM818-A1 or PLS8-US to have compatibility with more US bands used by AT&T and T-mobile (and their respective MVNOs). BM818-A1 works on more frequencies than PLS8-US, according to the info that Purism has provided.

Oops…meant to reply to hexatekin. Sorry.

Edit: I’ve heard that T-mobile and its MVNOs need LTE band 12, which is lacking on the PLS8-US. Something to keep in mind.


Even if you order today, you won’t get it before this coming summer (Evergreen batch), so you’ll have plenty of time to see what people say once they get their phones.


That’s because noone who is commenting actually has the phone yet. Once the first group of people in the US actually have the phone, they can tell you exactly what modem they ordered / exactly what phone company they are with / exactly whether the combination is working or not.


Just wanted to add the emphasis on the can here as I’m sure there are plenty who won’t and if they happen to be the first to receive then it might still be a bit longer. Eventually I’m sure there will be people that will share their experiences and even some tips, but it may not be the earliest recipients that do.