Librem 5 certification error message Unable to download updates:

The joy of using the L5 is that I get to post so many question on this forum.

Is it something about me??

The pureStore - after being blank for good chunk of time - then suggest I update and when I click the download this is what it gives back …

E: byzantium-updates/main arm64 geoclue-2.0 arm64 2.7.0-1pureos1~byz1 is not (yet) available (Certificate verification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted. The name in the certificate does not match the expected. Could no handshake: Error in the certificate verificatio. [IP: 443])

yet at the same time it says

Loading Updates… this could take a while.

Does it mean it downloads the updates it cannot get or it means I can ignore the error message??

when sudo apt update I get a similar error - Failed to fetch … certification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted. could not handshake …

First thing: please check that your date and time are correct. Certs fail if they are too much off. Removing battery will reset them if you’re settings do not allow automatic setting of time from external source.

The certificate looks OK to me. I get no error. Are you still getting the same error?

Seems to have resolve itself

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