Librem 5 Chats Not Updating

I am trying to create a Chats Matrix account as per recent announcement and my Chats app does not have any account type. It always will create an XMPP account. Poking around, I noticed that none of my apps have ever been updated. I attempted to update the 5 before attempting to add the Matrix account to Chats and the phone reported no updates (neither OS or apps).

5 is Evergreen (if I remember correctly).


To update things, try this in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

You can also check which chatty version is currently installed, like this:

chatty --version

For me, that shows the chatty version 0.7.0.rc3 and in that version, “New Account” lets me select protocol, with the options being XMPP or Matrix.

Thanks for the suggestion @Skalman,

PureOS store report my Chats app at version 0.2.0 and the command line reports the same version.

As to the apt commands, the update reports ‘All packages are up to date’ and the upgrade command reports only ‘linux-image-5.12.0-1-librem5’ available to remove (which I did not do).

I’m puzzled.

Oh, that’s really old. Maybe you have the old PureOS release called Amber. To find out, run this command:

cat /etc/os-release

One of the resulting lines should say either




I have byzantium and I think everyone is supposed to have byzantium at this point. If you have amber, you should probably upgrade to byzantium, or perhaps reflash with byzantium and start from scratch.

Your right,

I am still on amber for some reason.

What is involved in an upgrade to byzantium?

I have reflashed once in the past but that was quite some time ago.

If I am not mistaken the only way to upgrade from Amber to Byzantium is to reflash.

P.S. You will be blown away of how much better your Librem 5 will be after the update to latest versions of the OS and applications. The software has made a huge progress so if you are still using Amber you are going to feel real difference.

You can change your sources to point to Byzantium repos instead of amber and then update. I’m not sure how trouble-free this approach is though.

This. Plus it is unlikely to enable encryption at all. So if you want to enable encryption, the only way is to choose the correct Byzantium option and reflash from scratch (unless maybe for really advanced users).

So I would say … reflash.


lsb_release -c

is nicer. :wink:

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Output from lsb_release -c:
Codename: Amber

So the consensus here seems to be to reflash. The guides I have found for this are from Purism (no date on this) which I have successfully used once before, which discusses the difference if you don’t have a very new L5 (which I don’t) or this from this forum New Post: Reflashing the Librem 5 which has a Jan 21 of this year date.

Some other worthy guide?