Librem 5 - Compatible with European (and other non-US) networks?


Hi guys,

I got interested in the Librem 5 phone and wanted to check its compatibility for European countries.

Here is the answer I found:

According to an answer from @Richard in a thread, you can check the compatibility for you country with this two links:

  • Purism supported networks: here
  • Countries’ and carriers’ networks (all continents): here

You can now check for your own country.

From my understanding the Librem 5 is designed to be compatible with the European network.

Forgive me if this post is redundant, but I wanted to share it in a post so that:

  • Others that might be wondering the same thing could find the answer faster than I did: The compatibility info doesn’t seem to be appearing in plain English in the (non-technical) phone presentation - I might be wrong though! :slight_smile:
  • Anyone more familiar with the project could correct any wrong info



Have you tried to search for what cell phone bands your carrier uses?

What country and carrier are you in/using?


Hi JnCA,

Thanks for your answer.

I found what I was looking for (ie: the Librem 5 is compatible with most of the European networks).

My intention with the initial post was to share the information.

I’ll edit the post though, to add that the linked website also provides information about carriers’ network.

It might be useful to have a table with the countries and carriers the Librem 5 is compatible with. If people would think it would be useful, I might do that.