Librem 5 - Connecting to an external display using Display Port


just a short test report. It might be useful for someone.

Today I tried the following product with Librem 5:

A USB-C to Display Port converter including a Power Delivery function.
The idea was that using such set-up plus Bluetooth keyboard would eliminate the need for a docking station and would still charge the Librem 5 in convergence mode.

Unfortunately no video signal was detected by the external display so the test was unsuccessful and I immediately returned the USB-C to Display Port converter.

The power delivery was working and the Librem 5 was charging, but I did no measurements because without the video signal the converter is useless to me and this would have been just a waste of time.


I added your test to the wiki.


Was the external monitor detected by the Librem 5?

You should probably at least capture lsusb output before returning the device - for next time.

No, in the Settings it was not detected.

These results look rather similar to my test with a Fujitsu/Siemens port replicator.

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Die you see the “Thunderbolt 3” mentioning? The L5 supports usb-c display alternate mode, but not Thunderbolt.

The cable might well be a cheap alternative to the known-to-work dell Thunderbird dock to make the L5 multiplex a serial console to some lines of the usb-connector.