Librem 5: cool down trick

Some people here may or may not have picked-up that I am not a sysadmin or a developer :slight_smile:

How do I help? By making suggestions to others like this one: instead of using a cooling fan while running your Librem 5 all day as a “second” office computer, you can just use a cooling pack from the freezer. I also suggest putting a towel over the freezer pack.

I tried it today and it kept my Librem 5 nice and cool while streaming video all day for an education event. Worked great!


I remember doing that back in the first month or two when I got the L5 almost two years ago. Only that was just to keep it from overheating while charging the phone :joy:


You’re lucky. It’s impossible for me to do streaming because absolutly no brwoser work in desktop mode…any solution?

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If you need access to YouTube videos, you can use my Invidious instance, which is designed to work with embedded devices such as the Librem 5.

Otherwise, if you need access to Twitch livestreams/clips/VODs, you can potentially use my SafeTwitch instance, although there are currently no environment variables to pass to it to change its default video resolution.

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I had created a swapfile in the rootfs of the L5 long ago and noticed that it had a noticeable effect on device temperatures, due to significantly reduced memory operations in the CPU. More info here: Improve Your Librem 5's Performance (with this one weird trick)


Also, I should mention that other apps can utilize the Invidious API, such as FreeTube, so you do not necessarily need a web browser to take advantage of them.

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