Librem 5 copper heatsink

I’m under the impression that the heatsink for the Librem 5 is aluminum. Are there STL files for the Evergreen for the use in a CNC milling service

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are you asking specifically about the CPU + VPU heatsink ? AFAIK those two are the most heat-dissipating-worthy … or do you mean that you want to make the WHOLE chassis to be copper ?

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I’d want to use an STL to make the CP& VPU heatsink

Though, I couldn’t find an STL in the 3D Print section of source.purism

@nerd7473, I recommend that you file an new issue report at, asking for the STL file for the aluminum sheet behind the PCB and explain why you want it.

I assume that you want to replace this piece with the thermal paste:


The heatsink on top of the L5’s CPU would probably lead the phone to be cooler if it was made of copper

i just hope that the copper heatsink won’t interfere with the antenna signal …

yes copper is a better conductor than aluminum however for such a low volume heatsink it remains to be seen how effective it would be in practice … have you discovered a next-gen technique to maximize fin stack area for optimal dissipation in such a reduced enclosure ?

good stuff … keep digging ! :wink:

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