Librem 5 Crashing on exiting convergence

The Librem 5 crashes almost everytime I unplug it while it is in desktop mode. By crashing I mean it turns itself off after it is unplugged.

The same thing happens when I take the sim tray out of the phone. It turns itself off.

Is this a known bug or is my device faulty?

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That’s “impossible” - because you should always shut down the phone before doing anything with the SIM tray anyway (SIM card or uSD card).

Sounds like a bug but I don’t know.

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That’s “impossible” - because you should always shut down the phone before doing anything with the SIM tray anyway (SIM card or uSD card).

This is supported on most modern phones. Since the Librem 5 supports completely disconnecting the modem, it should support ejecting the sim tray.

Sounds like a bug but I don’t know.

Thanks for the help. My phone, with the latest software shouldn’t have more bugs than any other Librem 5

When I unplug my phone from the desktop (or the NexDock), I wait several seconds. Eventually the screen on the phone lights up like normal, and I can use the phone without rebooting.

If I undock the phone (desktop or NexDock) and immediately interact with it, it shuts down. I’ll see the Librem 5 logo, and then it turns off.

So, when you undock, give it a good 5 or 10 seconds (sometimes a little more), and it seems to completely recover and switch over to “phone” mode. :slight_smile:

From everything I’ve seen on these forums on the SIM card, turn the phone off before ejecting it.


Thanks for that. I was interacting with the phone as soon as it was unplugged. I’ll try what you suggested.

It does not, and the quick start guide states not to pull the tray while the phone is on.

That sounds like phoc is crashing. Could you collect a backtrace and open an issue?

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Sure :slight_smile: Let me know the steps to get the backtrace, and I’ll get that uploaded.


I guess you can argue about what “should” be the case - but at the end of the day it is not the case.

For example, because the SIM tray holds both the SIM card and the uSD card, it isn’t exactly logical to draw any inferences regarding the modem. Heck, I could have a phone with no modem and no SIM card, or a phone with no modem but with a SIM card, and it would still be a requirement to shut down before ejecting the tray.

To steer people in the right direction, I also updated to make mention of this (in addition to the existing text in the Quick Start Guide).

Yeah, my opinion, I agree with you. Librem 5v2, they should try to fix this so that new users don’t fry anything.

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I’ve had phones that require the phone to be off to remove the tray, others were ok. It would be great if the Librem 5v2 would have a hot-swappable tray, but is it really a priority, compared to software performance and usability?

I’ve been experimenting with undocking.

Basically, if I leave the “main display” as the phone, then even if I use it heavily (programming, writing, watching videos, etc), it undocks quickly and cleanly.

If I switch the main display to be the monitor that I’m attached to, then when I undock, it can take 5 - 10 seconds for the phone screen to “take over”, and it will be at the lock screen.

I did end up frying my sim, but I have it replaced and it is working fine now, or so it seems.

Most phones, if they don’t support ejecting the sim while the phone is on will have the sim slot under or next to the battery so you have to remove it before changing the sim.

The Librem 5 does have one of these, although mine did not detect my sim (maybe it is sim slot 2 and needs a sim in slot 1 to work?). If ejecting the sim can damage something, it would have been better to not have an ejectable sim slot in my opinion.

Who reads any quick start guides these days? Figuring it out on your own is part of the fun.

I am look forward to 5v2 too.

Yes, I have suggested that as one possible approach. Just putting it out there though … a determined user can still fry things because you can run the phone on mains with no battery installed.


Maaaaate, that’s the OpenPGP card slot. To be honest I have no idea about electrical or pin compatibility - maybe there is possibility of frying something or maybe not - but I wouldn’t be putting a SIM in the OpenPGP card slot.

I guess that’s something else for the QSG if it’s not already covered. (I received my phone too many years ago to remember.)

Well, yes, but that does mean that the device has to be foolproof.

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My bad, I forgot about that. It was the same size as an old sim and it had “SC” on top which I assumed meant Sim Card.

OK, good point. I assume that SC stands for Smart Card - but the ambiguity is not helpful.

I guess that’s one for Librem 5v2.