Librem 5 Daily Driver: Backplate Ripping Apart

I have been using Librem 5 as my daily driver phone. I had a Librem 5 from April to October, then upgraded to Liberty Phone for RAM from October 2023 until now.

Ever since a rather forceful ripoff of the back plate at a 2023-2024 new year’s party for a sort of party trick, there had been a growing tear in the backplate. It was originally much smaller, but has been growing worse due to my daily battery routine:

As a daily driver, I do not charge my device and instead battery swap once or twice during the day, using batteries that are always charging on multiple wall chargers that are usually 80-100% charge when I swap them in.

This practice is wondrous for battery life, because it means that for me battery life is no object. Even if I spend a day traveling, going on a flight using my phone as my QR code boarding pass, I have no concern because I just bring all four batteries with me and charged at the start of the trip.

So, I don’t really want to stop doing what I am doing, but today the tearing in the backplate appears to be even worse and is tearing near the convenient notch as well as a third of the way up the back. I had been reaching around to avoid worsening the first tear much but this second tear down by the corner might be too much.

Is there a place on the store to order a new Librem 5 backplate? I can probably replace my daily driver’s backplate with the one from my older Librem 5, but this is less than ideal particularly if I end up eventually tearing the other one in a similar fashion after extensive use.

Here is a picture:

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I want to know as well.

I would love to see a future design that has a back plate designed for regular removal / reseating. Something that made a nice handgun like “click” noise would have me pay extra!

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Not all replacement parts that are available are in the store - so you should ask Purism Support.


when, I ordered some other parts, I had their support add in a back plate. Shipping costs being what they are, it is good to get some of these items when you order larger itens to minimize shipping impacts.

just contact purism support. they ask for the order # and also ask you to put a note in the order instructions so they don’t ship the items without adding in the backplate.

worked well for me. I have a spare backplate now :slight_smile: