Librem 5 Daily Usage poll

Don’t keep me guessing: where would I have to send it to?

Most likely to Germany, but it depends. I’m not a person you should be talking to about that and this is not a place for that anyway, there’s a support team that handles these things and that will assist you with whatever you need regarding your warranty, please contact them.


Soon to add even more data tracking than usual:


ugh… This is why we can’t have nice things.


I stopped trying to use my L5 USA when the AweSim service got disrupted. Is everything sorted out on that front? If so, I’d reinstate my service and keep trying to get this thing usable for daily use.

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I suspect not but the topic for following that is: SIMple/AweSIM down

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Yea I’ve followed that discussion and it kinda got off the rails. Besides, the company needs to have a more mature approach for service status than relying on us to post up/down status on the forum. Latest news on that thread is more users cancelling.


That’s a good observation. While mainly a hardware and software company, if they are going to offer services (Librem One and Librem *SIM*) then they could need some kind of service status page, preferably kept up to date automatically, so not relying on them posting up/down status, much less relying on customers.

Regardless though, the problem with the Librem *SIM* service doesn’t need a service status page to tell you that it has been down for 2 months. :open_mouth:


I just found out that Manhattan 130554 functions as quite similar product (having in/out USB-C PD port of up to 45W). Just sharing very similar device link, nothing else.

There are two cases where I experienced flickering (picture would be stable for a couple fo seconds then go black, come back, stable, …): before my debconf talk when connected to the beamer and when using the nexdock 360. Both were resolved by switching the usb-c cable from the phone to the hub.

You mean by using a different cable? Well on 3 of the hubs I tried the cable from the hub to the Librem 5 is fixed and cannot be exchanged.

Yes, the problems I saw could be attributed to the cable between phone and hub / nexdock. The hubs and adapters with a fixed cable that I have tested didn’t show any flickering.

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Unfortunately, my experience with unstable video signal is from hubs with a fixed cable.

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Sharing here that I got transmission/projection to my external screen over HDMI judder free with 1080/60Hz resolution by using this HDMI extender (the same HDMI port used, with the 16.2M display colors 16:9 certified monitor, projecting 100% of sRGB mode):

Therefore please note that regular male to male HDMI, as shown here, cable was constantly resulting with, on connected monitor shown, 1080/60Hz picture shaking (quite disturbing judder). Anyway, I cannot ensure that even similar HDMI extender for 4K UHD or something like HDMI2.1 cable adapter indeed needed, yet quite confidently confirming that this issue is not related toward the power supply that is in use, the one that actually powers nicely connected HDMI docking station and Librem 5. I’d just add/confirm that HDMI2.1 standard resolves here few related issues (that are not only supportive resolutions/colors related) anyway.

Actually what should work instantly, without changing/swapping any connected HDMI cable, is to go down, when only external monitor used, as single display, adjust external monitor output toward lower 720/60Hz resolution. inxi -G command will show you why 1080/60Hz is quite high number request for the Librem 5 DP Alt-Mode over USB-C output, I think (nothing else), especially if your monitor can accept lower refresh rate (on PureOS :green_heart:), as higher resolutions might be out of the stable picture reach (although modern PC monitors would, on Debian based distributions, propose handshake to the Librem 5 even up to 2160/60Hz). This screenshot comes from another 1.07B display colors monitor, yet the same 8K HDMI extender used (without any disturbing judder):

@Hristo, just hope that above thoughts (few basic setups related) help there somewhat, as this post is just another approach, while indeed based on my very same, here related experience.


Thought it would be fun to throw the sim card in and use it for the day. For whatever reason chats app was very very slow, and crashed a couple times on me. I was asked if I blocked my significant others number since apparently I missed a few calls with no notification. (pretty sure it never rang) Back to Android for now, but it feels so close.

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This is a feature not a bug. Now when for some reason you don’t want to hear from your SO, you can blame it on “the latest update”. :rofl:


:joy: That gave me a good laugh. Ty :slight_smile:

All of my issues with missed calls went away when I turned on volte. Might be something to look into.

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Still not sure if I’m about to buy this pocket Power Hub:, but anyway linking this product (while currently on sale). Main difference should be that it provides 45W on its USB-C PD port (instead of 30W, in comparison with the Zendure SuperHub), and probably 100% compatible when used with the Librem 5.

Per the OP’s request, here are my experiences trying to use the Librem 5 as a daily driver:

I spent about a month tuning, tweaking, installing, reinstalling, building from source, etc. etc. until I had the minimum viable set of apps and web-apps available and ready for my personal preferences and needs. Once this was done, I decided to take the plunge and swap my main SIM over to the L5. There were some outstanding minor issues that I wanted to fix eventually, but they didn’t hold me back from trying to fully use the device as an all-day phone.

Within the first two days, I had some deal-killer problems. They were these:

  1. The cellular modem has a tendency to quietly drop off and no longer be recognized by the phone. When sitting idle, not being used, the modem will simply disappear. Toggling the hardware kill switch will bring it back, but this means that I have no faith that an incoming call will make the phone ring, because I have no faith the modem will actually be visible to the OS at any given time.

  2. The Librem 5 will sometimes shut itself down for no obvious reason. I went to sleep with it powered on and in standby, with a power connection, and when I woke up it had shut itself all the way off. This was a problem for me as I’d set an alarm on it to wake me up, and I overslept by 45 minutes.

I love this little device and will keep using it, and keep chivvying it along toward an ultimate usability goal, but for me it’s just not there yet with respect to core functionality.