Librem 5 — Development Chronology


Don’t you people feel bad now ? Losing you s#$t and making all these conspiracies up about Todd and crew sitting in a room saying things like " Ok , what do we do now ? When they get their devices they are going to realize they are made out of cardboard !! Then what ?? I dont know about the rest of you but I’m going to a non extradition country ! "

All that silliness . I was reading a thread last night and was thinking to myself " Damn this is like that one movie someone locks up 10 people in a room ( time spent waiting for your device to be delivered ) and then a voice on a loudspeaker comes on and says " Nothing is going on just wait 10 hours and you all go home " ( wait patiently for the device , we’re working on getting them out ) , So the people yell at the loudspeaker , why are you doing this , who are you ? ( time in between batch preference email and modem selection email )

But the paranoia is too great and the social fabric begins to deteriorate and the people one by one beat each other to death until there remains but one person and at the end of the 10 hours a click is heard and the door holding the once living group captive swings open (your librem 5 arrives in the mail ) . Then the last man standing feels pretty bad .


the centipede man is born …


The fabric of society has been pretty threadbare for some time now :frowning: That’s why you counter with force plus one at every detected incident and initiate preventative steps when possible. Quite honestly, I’m very pleasantly surprised and impressed with this community’s ability to self police :slight_smile:


Honestly, I have no clue how that topic ended up in this thread, but I think we have enough of those. Please use them.


It’s just a bit disappointing to watch however . Like people really think successful company is really going to pull the pin on the grenade and then drop the thing right in their own lap .

That’s what they would be doing . If there was a major design flaw that was causing them to overtly lie about devices that haven’t been manufactured and shipped when they promise they had been.

No one would ever trust them again . News of this occurrence would rip through the internet like a wildfire .

Personally as evidenced by the prior production delays I don’t believe purism has any problem at all saying " We apologize for the delay but we have found yet another design issue that will lead us to once again delay the estimated shipping date of the Librem 5 . We assure you we are working diligently to resolve this issue and a statement some time in the near future will be made with an updated estimated shipping window . "

I think alot of the hysteria is more user driven . Some can’t wait and that’s understandable. And some folks psyche simply will not allow patience sans regularly scheduled short dated communications.

It is what it is .

Just today . I left a location and left my Iphone at this location on a table . The Iphone was on the home screen before I pressed the power button to suspend .

When I returned to the location I picked up and resumed the Iphone and it was sitting on google maps over my section of the state im in with a request to use the GPS to pinpoint the devices location overlayed atop of the map .

I personally am not asking for a refund period. I cant wait to get my L5 so I can ditch this spybrick . Filthy frank who works for the NSA that tries to see me naked through the camera and tracks my every move might be a bit sad.

I think Im going to encase the Iphone in concrete in the shape of a brick . Then paint it brick red and then write SPY on it across the face of my brick the day I get my L5.

Then put it on my coffee table . I think it will be an interesting conversation piece. Im going to fully charge it and hopefully it may still ring and then call it when people are over . " What is that ? " they will inquire. " Oh , thats just my spy brick" :smiley:


Oh hey, I think @Caliga had a good point that we should keep this thread development focused. I’m just out the door to work right now but I’ll meet you over at one of the shit show threads if you want to move your comment over there when I get settled at my desk in about an hour or so :slight_smile:


yea yea , my bad I forgot about that . my apologies.


Added two blog posts:
Librem 5 Birch Shipping Announcement
Breaking Ground

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The first “real” report about receiving L5:

@Caliga I believe it deserves its own place in the chronology :slight_smile:


I added all 4 Birch review(ers) that I’m aware of. If anybody knows of another one, just let me know.


@Caliga another one:


Thanks, but that’s already in the list (number 3) attributed to @richi.


Just a month has passed and 9 blog posts needed to be addedd… (granted, some just briefly referring to the L5).
Also added 15 videos by TLG, @hackersgame, Chris Titus Tech and Rob Braxman.


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2020-01-22 | :balloon: :notebook_with_decorative_cover: | Easy Librem 5 App Development: Take a Screenshot
2020-01-23 | :tada: | Librem 5 Chestnut Hardware Changes


let’s see about that (but no promisses)


this just landed > < Librem 5 Quick Start - 1 < 2 min 41 sec by @hackersgame


I just moved the video sections over to the community wiki:

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