Librem 5 doesn’t charge past 33%

As per the title. Has been stuck charging on 33% for 1.5 hours.

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What is the charger?

For my Chestnut I have to shutdown the phone when I charge using PC usb port to phone ( low amp ).

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I found that my generic usb A charger with an A to C cable barely keeps the percentage the same when powered on. I haven’t really used the librem charger much. Most of my chargers are 65W+ Type C PD laptop chargers and with that there are no charging speed issues.

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Check if you have all the firmware and software updated on your librem phone(L5), if yes it will be autofixed on each that you recharger the L5. Examples: now your Librem show 33% of battery but i guess it has 100% so get spend the battery until shutdown then recharger your phone with the original charger of the device, then i guess it will be fixed or almost fixed, if it is almost fixed like 95% or 98% then discharger the battery again to 0 then recharger the Librem 5 with the original charger and now i guess it will 100% calibrated.

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I think I had this issue earlier today, while charging it seemed to get stuck at exactly 33%. That was on PureOS byzantium. Then I reflashed with amber and then it could charge higher than 33% so I thought it might be an issue on byzantium but not on amber. Then I reflashed with byzantium again and let the change drop down to 25% and then started charging again to see if it would again get stuck at 33% but this time there was no problem, it’s up at 42% now and still increasing.

So I just saw the issue with being stuck at 33% once and can’t seem to reproduce it.

Are you using byzantium or amber?

You can use the “upower -d” command to get some info about the battery, percentage as well as temperature and voltage and things like that, and also a “state” that can be “charging” or “discharging”.

If you want to try something to make the issue go away, I would suggest powering off and letting it charge for a while when it is powered off, maybe then it will move away from whatever strange state it got into.

Edit: Now that I think about it I did have it running compiling some big things right before it seemed to get stuck at 33% so it could be something related to the temperature. Maybe when it’s warm it tries to be careful with the charging to avoid getting even warmer. That could explain why I failed to reproduce the issue, maybe it had cooled down a bit and then the issue went away. Just a theory.

@dos ^^ :slight_smile:

You right there is an issue already fixed related to temp read of batt. @dos ?

When experiencing issues like that, please attach the output of this command:

gthcli && tail -n+0 /sys/class/power_supply/*/uevent

Also, please report the state of the red LED (whether it’s on/blinking/off).

FWIW, no recent changes around charging come into my mind.