Librem 5 early bird price on 31/01/2019?

I’m trying to order the Librem 5 today, on 31/01/2019, and the $649 price is listed. I had thought today is the last day that the $599 price would be available, based on the following text:

“You can preorder the phone at early-bird pricing ($599) until January 31st 2019 or $649 until shipping begins and regular pricing comes into effect.”

Have I misread this? I’m in Australia, but I checked the date in CA USA which is still 31/01/2019 as well.

Same here in NZ…

Says preorder price is $599, but when I try to checkout it’s $649.


May as well wait and see if it ships and is bug free.

“Until 31st” makes me think until the last hour of the 30th.

same here, i just added the phone in cart but price is set to 649 dollars. Can we use a coupon code to get back the 599 price tag?
Thanks in advance.

I hope this is just an error, since I hope and believe Purism is a truthful company.
“Until” generally includes the specified moment. Otherwise you would write “before”.
I would email them if I was in your place and if I hadn’t already ordered my device. [Is this correct english?] Good luck.

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Thanks for the replies folks. I will send an email, and see what happens.


price is down to $599.00
Thanks :grinning:

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Just ordered for $599. Didn’t have to email Purism, as it was already fixed.

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