Librem 5 emulator: apps don't fit on screen!

I downloaded the emulator image in order to prepare alternatives for things that I need. However, when I run the emulator (Boxes on Fedora 29) none of the apps fit on the screen, they all are too wide and are cut off on the right side (see screenshot). This has me very worried because, as it is, the UI is unusable.


It’s a work in progress.
App become better every day as Libhandy integrate more fonctionnalities and dev use it.


As mentioned, some apps have support for the small screen size and some don’t. To fix this issue, purism has developed the libhandy library, that gtk programs can implement to make the application windows responsive.


It’s looking better now. The browser fits on the screen (except for dialogs). The keyboard is still super basic and the characters are way too small.

How do I copy and paste text?

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