Librem 5 evergreen schedule?

Checking on purchase page and still says approximately 6 months. Also effects of COVID-19 and will the phone even be able to do what phones of today are capable of? Yes we know promises of software development and the phone to get better as time goes on but for the people who have already purchased the device, I think they would want not just a technically working phone with sms and phone calling capabilities but the thousands of other things people require from a phone today such as web navigation and map routes and device security as I am starting to think of that idea again of security through obscurity when if a government agency really really wants to get into a phone, they probably will. Also while on security, encryption types used on the device and if only using that encryption of the data on the phone after a reboot or when you close the phone. If it was any good encryption, how slow would it be? Also, yes I do look at the purism youtube channel on updates and I know it is still early but we genuinely aren’t very far from when they promised the launch by now and it still seems (I’m definately gonna get a lot of hate for this) crap. I think that is the best word I can describe this phone. Anything more aggressive and then I’m chatting out of my a** but any less and then I’m being unrealistically optimistic to the point of delusion.


Funny your post just came to my attention as I was reading a privacy thread.

I know the answer is out there, so don’t scold people.

Where is the possibility for encryption of the L5 up to?

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The phone is likely to be better at Evergreen shipment because of the delay than it would have been without the delay - which is not to say that I welcome the delay.

However since noone can really predict how the COVID-19 outbreak will pan out, noone can really predict what the shipment date is, and even without those delays noone can really predict precisely what functionality will be available and what functionality will not be available at Evergreen shipment … I doubt that you will get specific answers, and in any case what is important to me is not important to you, and vice versa.

The official update post is at:

from which

Mid August: Start of the Librem 5 Evergreen batch for customer pre-orders

but from what I’ve seen with delayed orders coming out of China (with other suppliers i.e. nothing to do with Purism), things are still fluid in China and the potential for further delays is significant.

When China sneezes, the whole world gets a cold. Pun.Intended.

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In Canada, you know the next door country to USA up north; it is, “When the USA catches a cold, Canada sneezes”

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Is still the latest word on Evergreen shipment?

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As of right now, yes. We haven’t posted any other updates regarding Evergreen.