Librem 5 Evergreen vs. Pinephone (Part 2 of ?)

Discussion on Hacker News:


Nice article. Some things mentioned as not working are actually working with a bit of work (i use spotify and signal on my L5).

Rather than Phone Vs Phone i think the article can highlight more the benefitial ecosystem of having 2 linux initiatives that benefit from each others developments. the more different linux phones that come up the better my L5 will be


I hope and guess that both projects will benefit from the sheer mass of PinePhones and the associated developers in the community.
I find it impressive how Pine64 releases one batch after the next, the price for the basic version does not increase and all this during the chip shortage.
As for the HW specs, it’s actually always been clear that the Librem5 is clearly superior (size and weight aside).
I bought both phones. The Librem 5 two years ago, the PinePhone two weeks ago. I just read that the PinePhone is scheduled to ship towards the end of the month. The reason I bought the PinePhone now too was that I just didn’t want to wait for the Librem5 anymore, I am the laughing stock among my friends.


I ordered my Pinephone with something like a six week lead time to ship but I had it in ten days at the door, so you may get it quickly.