Librem 5 feature request: accessory mounting points

Can we have some method for mounting accessories included in the basic design of the phone?

In other threads, it has been suggested that a hardware keyboard developed as an add-on case would be nice.

Personally, I quite like the idea of experimenting with adding DIY accessories. For example, a chording keyboard on the rear of the phone for fast, tactile, single-handed text input. Or additional camera lenses. Or a thermal printer. Or whatever. A rubber bumper case, perhaps?

So, it would be nice to have mounting for arbitrary external accessories considered in the design of the phone. This could take the form of strategically placed magnets, or grooves or slots on the side of the phone for things to slide or clip into, or even threaded holes for screwing things into.

Or even just making sure that the shape of the phone doesn’t make it actively difficult to design accessories for it.

Maybe even consider making it easy for accessories to make electrical connection to the phone. Can the main USB connector be mounted in a recess so that accessories can use it without having to have an annoying plug sticking out the bottom or side of the phone? Or can we have an additional USB connector on the back of the phone, just for accessories.

On the other hand, some of these suggestions will create places for dirt to accumulate or might be seen as ugly, and most of them add cost, so there is a balance to strike.

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