Librem 5 file encryption

@nicole.faerber perhaps an interesting read - although you probably already considered:

My Librem13 usually only goes to sleep while not working with it - so encryption is not active. Probably my usage of the laptop is a little uncommon. But with phones it will be VERY common not to shut it down and have it run 24/7.

If so, the out-of-the-box filesystem-encryption PureOS delivers is absolutely useless for the Librem5 - worst case: User switches on his smartphone on first usage and never switches it off. Means: After the first de-cryption no encryption will ever happen.

I remember that beside full-disc-encryption-methods there are also some per-file-encryptions with focus on cloud-usage where you don’t like to upload the full image, but only small chunks. There was one newer system by a student from Freiburg or so university that sounded quite promising.

Perhaps at least worth a thought.

Happy new year and much luck with Floss-Shop and Purism

PS: Above mentioned might even be a topic where the Librem5 could really shine against Android or even Apple’s phones. Switched off - full protection. Locked - phonecalls still possible, data encrypted.

This is a pretty similar question to mine, where in asked about the Handling of encryption Keys in the librem 5.
Even the link is the same:p

Had to search your’s. Yes, same link. Hope, somebody will consider it.

Here’s the other thread: How does the Librem 5 handle encryption keys? Does it have a Secure Element?