Librem 5 for sale -As New

For Sale: A pair (2) of Evergreen Librem 5’s.
Will ship to the US or Canada. Comes with a spare battery, chargers, and original boxes.
Modem: BM818-A1 (North American)
Will accept payment in CDN or USD. E-transfer preferred, willing to work with other forms, but need to confirm prior to shipping. Both phones are in exceptional condition, as new.
$850 CDN or $800 USD each. (willing to sell individually or as a pair)
Willing to do a phone call to sort out details. Currently in British Columbia, price includes shipping.
Was used as my only cell phone, but work requires Apple products and my spouse is going to follow my downgrade. Our loss is your gain.


Work may not last forever.

Keep 'em!

Just get your cell provider to issue two extra phone numbes on a “family plan”.

If anyone asks, just tell them they are your secret squirrel phones for some gov’t agency. Unless your work IS some gov’t agency. That would be awkward. Then you’d have to pretend to revert to some fake foreign accent. Just roll your R’s.


Did you find a buyer for your Librems?

I thought I had a buyer for one, but the “e-transfer” didn’t happen.
Dropping the price to $550 USD each or both for $1000. There’s an extra battery also.

I tried to direct email you: that didn’t work. I would be interested in both. I am also in BC and would love to check them out if this weekend (or next) if possible.
Please let me know what works for you. Also how can I contact you directly so we can talk details (I am unfamiliar on how to use this site).