Librem 5 for Sale (Ordered March 19, 2019; Unshipped; $850/850€)

I ordered a Librem 5 Evergreen for Europe back on March 19, 2019.
I have no use for the phone anymore, and am quite unhappy with Purism’s refusal to refund the sale. Inspired by other threads here on the forums, I have thus decided to sell my place in the queue.
If you’re interested, please send a DM.
We’ll work out a transfer of the order to your account with Purism support.


I should add that this offer will stand until my place in the queue is reached, at which point I’ll apparently be able to request the refund under the retroactively changed policies, which I will then proceed to do, voiding this offer.

There are easy and quick actions you can take, because denying refunds is illegal – maybe that will get their asses up. You can find instructions and links for that on Reddit in the r/purism sub in one of the most recent posts. I’d post it here, but that would probably be deleted again by the mods.

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Thanks! I’ve already sent a complaint to after my 3rd request (in as many years) was denied, I’ll send another one to as suggested on Reddit.

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The phone is still for sale

People like to be fair to each other and you are trying to sell your place in the queue to someone that might have interest for additional 200€:

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Everybody is free to choose the price.
What does fair/unfair means?
Imagine that Lorbus has been a low income student in 2019 and has a decent salary in 2022. In such scenario the 650 USD paid back then have had a much higher value in terms of invested work and sacrificed alternative spending than the 850 USD in 2022. Is it fair for him to loose value? You never know from the outside.

If you don’t like a price, you just don’t buy. I don’t see a problem in that.


Actually I do not see any problem there either (just wanted to remind about this kind offer).

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The phone is still for sale for the specified price, whether Purism fanboys like it or not.

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