Librem 5 for sale (Unshipped, 650$)

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I ordered the Librem 5 with the following current status
Order Date: February 8, 2019
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment will facilitate moving the order onto your account once the payment is complete.

Thanks in advance for your interest,


I will repeat my last offer that I made on a different sale thread, which is if no one else claims this offer, I will take it. Perhaps in a week.

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Done. It will be yours.

The last time that I made this offer, an irregular forum user did come in and took the offer. I am glad that they did, because I do not want to hog these opportunities. Since I am in the US, shipping should be a simple matter.

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If there are no other takers, I guess @esplanades and I will start the process.

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