Librem 5 for sale

Hi all,

I have a mint Librem 5 (North American modem) for sale. The screen protector has a couple of small nicks but nothing on the phone itself.

I’ve had it a couple of weeks (most of which I was traveling) and the phone has never even had its default encryption key or user password changed.

The reason for the sale is simple, when I ordered this phone (Dec. 2018) my life was a lot different and I would have had the time to properly use this phone (transition, etc.). Plus at that time I spent a lot more of my time in the digital world and now I do not.

I would entertain all offers as I don’t have a specific price in mind although it would be nice to get what I paid for it, $650. Of course those were 2018 dollars and inflation adjusted that’s almost $775 today! :wink:

Anyway, I hope it goes to a good home. It pains me that it’s basically laid around doing nothing so far.

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Bump, still available! :slight_smile:

I’m kind of surprised there haven’t been really any offers. Is it because it’s not for sale on a “platform”? Does that help?

I sort of despise ebay and quit years ago so I don’t think I’ll end up listing it there (but you never know). I’m trying to get it listed on Swappa (I know who it’s owned by but it’s many levels above in terms of quality and experience).

So if you are in the market for a Librem 5 and have seen this post if you feel like telling me why you didn’t make me an offer, I would appreciate it!


You’ll get more looks on a “platform,” but it seems there just aren’t any Americans here who want a L5.

I don’t speak for anyone except myself but you may have in this forum an over-representation of people who already own a Librem 5. So then, with that subset of forum participants, you are looking for the subset of the subset who want to own two Librem 5 units. Yes, there are some people who want one phone as a stable phone for actual use, while having a second phone for “crash and burn” experimentation - but that may be too small a minority.

Also of course Purism is roaring ahead with delivery so, regarding the market of people who have ordered a phone and are keen to get a phone but face an unknown number of years’ wait to get a phone, that market is getting smaller as each week passes. There are fewer undelivered phones, and the uncertainty about delivery timeframe that was at its greatest at the height of the pandemic and in the aftermath of the pandemic has abated somewhat.

My suggestion: Be patient.

Your price is reasonable but maybe pick an actual price and put it in the topic title (with “ono”).

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I am actually always tempted by people selling Evergreen phones. I have a Chestnut and it has worked well for me so far, but the Evergreen batch has some nice Improvements over Chestnut. I usually get close to making an offer and then decide I shouldn’t spend that much for something I don’t “need” since I already have a Librem 5. Let me think about it and maybe I’ll make an offer. But don’t hold out for me if you get an offer in the meantime.

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Sold! Thanks for all the input everyone!


fyi, i got 1200 for my evergreen non-US L5 on ebay…After ebay fees and shipping i got about 1000 or maybe slightly more. it was about 15% in fees

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That’s great! I was just mainly trying to get out of the phone what I had in it and avoid having it sit on the shelf like other things I’ve potentially bought in the past. :smiley:

And I did, so that makes me happy! The idea that a Linux user out there has a phone and is doing stuff with it that I didn’t have time to do these days is alright by me.

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