Librem 5 Giveaway

I’m giving a Librem5 away. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on the following YouTube video:

In the comment, let me know what you would do with a Librem5 if you had one. I’ll give you a number of entries based on your idea.
A winner will be picked randomly at the end of the week.

So I have to have/create an account on a service that tracks my every move to enter to win a phone that helps me get away from that tracking?


on another hand if you create it once in anonymous tab and never use again - it won’t track you anywhere :slight_smile:


Unfortunately that’s not entirely true, they correlate browsing based on location as well as habits and associate these “personalities” with your account given enough time to be reasonably confident it’s the same you.

It’s not perfect and sometimes I’ll get ads that were probably intended to be targeted at my wife, but they still targeted the household…

Sure, with enough effort and using TOR browser on Tails from a library this might be doable, but that amount of effort is just wrong.


they can think they track you but they don’t - as you just revealed yourself. Offering you your wife’s preferences is exactly total failure of the tracking :slight_smile: It’s rather you’re tracking now that they are tracking.

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Just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean they’re not doing it and aren’t getting better every day.


Instead of whining in this give away thread, couldn’t you have just said, I guess this entry isn’t for me? You’ve set your boundaries, and that is excellent. You don’t get a cookie for it though, or have give away contest rules changed because of it.

Hackersgame great offer on your part. I get why you are using Youtube (it’s nice for people to actually see what you are doing versus making content that is never seen.) and applaud your efforts.


Yep. :slight_smile:
Next time, I think I’ll setup an email to enter. I’m drowning in comments… Lol.


You are quickly becoming legendary.

You can write to HackersGame on other ways, e.g. using this forum, if you are serious.
Sorry, I do not get those people.

And for those who don’t have youtube accounts? :smile:


That was the spirit of my first post; after that ruff and I had, what I felt was, a reasonable brief conversation about Google’s tracking… It’s unfortunate you see that as whining.

Nice, I didn’t expect you to change this event but it’s nice to hear that this will have an effect on future events.

Is that not what I did in my first post asking the question about this requiring a Google account?

And yes, before someone points it out, I do see that my initial question could be taken as a passive aggressive statement; the intent was more tongue in cheek while also being curious if this thread was intended as an alternate entry method.

Based on @hackersgame most recent post I believe that both aspects of my question were answered.

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I pre-bought mine to check it out before I would buy one for my wife. This would simply save me the cost of the second one! We both have Android 4’s (with the keyboard sliders).


The giveaway is over! Congratulations to Nathan Still, he will be receiving a free Librem 5.
He had a 1/137 chance of winning. Here is his YouTube post:
I would use the Librem 5 as my main phone and teach students about privacy and security with it.
I really like that this is going to a teacher, it sounds like a good home at the end of the day.


That is definitely one of the best places for the phone to end up. Well done!


dude, would love to have the librem 5. i have being watching all your videos on the librem phone. want to be part of the history making in the Free and open software and hardware but i’m unemployed. the side hustle doesn’t put me where i want to be (that is being able to afford anything at the moment.


umm… I think you missed the boat…


Darn, I should have said my wife is a teacher too … Spanish at private school and William and Mary.


Darn! What are the odds that @hackersgame missed selecting one of the 136 fake accounts that I created on YouTube just to win the Librem5! :rofl: :upside_down_face: :rofl: :upside_down_face:

On a serious note, @hackersgame, thanks for all your videos on the Librem 5 and the giveaway. I hope that it generated more interest in your YouTube channel.