Librem 5 Hardcore Mode

Is there going to be a way to use the phone with only cmd line? For the hardcore out there.

jk haha


if this is what you meant … also Purism has a video with EMACS running on the L5 dev-kit pre-release.


Yeah, I was just joking. Being sysadmin day and thinking of some of the guys I work with, I just started imagining someone wanting to only make and receive calls via terminal, etc.

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joke or not - it’s here and it’s been linked-to. for those that ARE serious enjoy.

SICK!!! Sudo apt call -r 7724805475 xD


sudo apt call -Rv 7724805475 xD (recursive and verbose :smiley: )


Open the modem device, then send the AT commands to the modem… Here you go :smiley:

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Calling with the command line is great for scripting.

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This sounds like a cool feature for messing with people when you show them the phone for the first time.

“Yeah, so this is how you make a call…” [painstaking command input] [ring ring]


Doesn’t have to be painstaking. Just

call 010020012345

And then allow arbitrary fake parameters to mess with people, like


alias command for speed-dialing in the terminal “c 911” :rofl:


Actually dialing the emergency number is a good point - it should be possible without unlocking the phone.

Why? Imagine the use case that you are unconscious and someone finds you with the phone but doesn’t have a proper phone around. Dialing with your phone without unlocking the screen could save your life.

Dialing 112 is even part of the GSM specs [1] so you could even dial with a locked sim card (and in some countries - due to abuse not in Germany, even without sim card).



112 is for europe no ? it’s in my country too … i sometimes contemplate about the “posibilities” if you can do “that” without even needing a sim card inside :wink:

112 is a global emergency number, it’s used in Europe and other (see wiki article)

As it seems you can dial 112, 999 and 911 globally in GSM and will be routed not by your mobile but the operator to the correct phone number. So the librem 5 would only need to know only these three numbers to be able to dial without sim card, without being unlocked and without money on your card. I even heard you could dial emergency without signal showing in current phones (some signal would need to be there :crazy_face:) - I guess there will be less quality then.



unless it’s one of those situations when the phone is “allowed” to exceed it’s “normal” signal power to “catch” a good reception. speculation purely - don’t know how this would otherwise work if the signal is very low to none-existent.

Just read this article at postmarketOS and found this as the ultimate hardcore mode

It’s terminal only with gesture base latter input and tab completion called shelli :smiley:


I was told that this is because phones are allowed to use any available GSM network for emergency calls, not just the ones they are subscribed to. The phone normally only indicates signal strength for the network that’s currently in use, but if you initiate an emergency call and there is no signal then it can try to connect to other networks instead.


I immediately fell in love with this one :heart_eyes:


Nice. Yes that was more to what I was alluding to.

Seems very inefficient and annoying. Gestures seem slow.

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