Librem 5 - Heat Problem? (As seen in the CCC presentation)


There are probably a lot folks who prefer a delay, than getting an “unfinished” product.
But not everybody (myself included) share this opinion - I want to have the finalized hardware in my hands. If the software is usable or not, isn’t really important for me.

If the hardware is shipped, there will be a lot more potential developers and technical folks fixing bugs, writing documentation etc. So it could - in my opinion (again) - drive the development more, than it harms Purisms or the device’ image.


The thing is, both is true. Delay means shitstorm, release with unpolished software means shitstorm (or at least negative reviews).

The only way out would be to ship in waves (which likely will happen anyway due to workload) and asking people in which wave they want to be in. They would keep the promise, make everybody aware of what to expect, and potentially create less surface for criticism.


Either way, we’ll have some much sought info soon :slight_smile:


I think this is a good idea. One could think of a first “wave” how you call it of alpha or beta testers who have some technical background and can install newer software when it’s released or just want to be the first ones to have the devices while others receive their devices later and all bug fixes already installed.

This way the enthusiasts are pleased and can also contribute to a stable system while the ones who don’t care about time receive a polished product. They would also comply with their Q3 goal and everyone reporting about the phone would have to put a notice: “Beta footage” :smiley:

However if they do so or not I think this decision is already long done, they are currently working very hard to fulfill our dreams and I think we should leave them this time to do so :slight_smile: If you really think they give us little information just compare it with other free mobile phone projects (won’t name one because I also like them). That’s when I see that I am just overly attached to this project absorbing every bit like a sponge and pressing F5 at the news page :wink:


I really hope that I will NOT get my phone before November because I am terribly busy right now. And I know I could not keep my fingers off the phone once I have it :-).


So is there any actual news on the progress of this overheating issue ?


people who live in a very cold climate might want to think twice before accepting the LAST shippments since they most likely would be DECEMBER (where i live this would be a cause of concern since it would be bellow 0 outside - i don’t want to risk anything if i can avoid it)

one idea for Purism would be (if they decide to proceed with this shipping-in-waves thing) to ship the colder regions first (if people individually agree) then the rest acording to posibilities and per individual agreement.


I finally replaced that bad habit with checking for status updates on Librem Social :wink:


have a hot phone. :wink: Think of it as a personal heating device.

If the mythical overheating problem is real then isn’t it going to be worse in hot climates?


since you put it like that then yes ! :smiley: i’ll probably make an array with mine (who says you can’t slow cook on your free-software phones ?)


I live in Canada and in the summer we get +35c temperature, the same kind of temperature than in the CCC video. I do not want a hot phone.


Well, the shipping update puts this in a new light. Everyone who still has to preorder now will be in the Fir batch, which I assume to be more or less the “final” design. Still, at this point, if I still had to order, I’d wait for the reviews to trickle in and paint a clearer picture of what we’ll be getting since waiting a couple of months won’t dramatically impact your shipping date anymore.


That conclusion is most likely wrong. You can’t preorder v2 at this point in time. That would be weird.
Maybe those who have preordered will be allowed to wait for Fir, but all orders will default to Aspen…Evergreen, until v2 is officially announced some time next year.
Fir is only mentioned to make the roadmap transparent.


I don’t think (just as @Caliga ) that new pre-orders will default to Fir or Version 2.
Considering the number of orders and “hindered” scheduled/promised release, it only makes sense to have the most - if not all, orders come from the final [mass] production line with a polished device. This multi stage shipment rollout is kind of a compromise to accommodate demand by original backers and still “deliver” on their promise, because another official delay might have diminished the sale and had a few extra canceled orders. Also, possibly a good way to test out some of the variables they had on mind (highly speculative on my part :slight_smile:)
Evergreen is the model they want in everybody’s hands.
Version 2 or “Fir” is way too far ahead (best case year from now) and making all new customers to wait that long for delivery would hurt their business. Just imagine negative publicity around it.


to ship the colder regions first

Nice try. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

… oh I mean, em, it is soooo cold down here. You must ship before the L5’s display freezes.


it’s 10 degree celsius outside at night where i live and constantly dropping so by november it’ll most lickely be way lower.

wasn’t trying anything - not sure what you mean …


Just kidding that you tried to be delivered with the Librem 5 first because it is so cold at your location. ^^ Just joking.


it was just a suggestion for Purism to take into account while doing their batch runs (the primary priority factor is order placement not geo-location - duh ! ) it’s just an aditional factor (and if not for them maybe for end-users) but anyway if anybody receives the package at -30 degree ambient temp … just leave it inside at room temperature for a few hours untill thermal equilibrium is reached then it should be good to go.


Yup, this. Although not that critical for cellphones, there is the issue of condensation to consider.