Librem 5 - How do I change the WiFi card

I had problems with my L5
Purism asked me if I am comfortable changing the card - saying it was easy.
I have changed memory and HD in my L13 so I thought sure I am happy to do it.
Purism sent me a replacement BroadMobi E1

I had a look - and there were two black cables connected to the card, which made me feel very uneasy about going ahead with the replacing.

I’d appreciate any advice or videos on how to replace it.

Thank you

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You are changing the cellular modem card (not the WiFi/Bluetooth), so it is the larger M.2 card. It isn’t hard to change that card. See this video showing how to attach the antenna cables to a cellular modem:

The only tricky part is pulling off the two antenna cables from the old card and then reattaching them to the new card. Usually I can pull off the antenna cables just using my fingertips, but sometimes I have to pry them up with the corner of a credit card or a guitar pick. Don’t use anything metal to do the prying.


Be very careful with the antennas, they are meant for only a handful of disconnects, and several of the connectors have been destroyed here at Purism.


Thanks for the tips
Especially the guitar pick
I am glad I asked.

Yes thanks, I’ll be very careful.