Librem 5 in Esperanto?

Did anyone try Pure OS or more specifically Librem 5 in Esperanto? Ĉu iu elprovis Pureos-on aŭ na Librem 5 en Esperanto? @uzanto @happysmash27


That would be very appropriate guessing based on the reason for Esperanto’s creation.

Looking at the Zanata translation files, phosh in Esperanto is at 94% translated (but 0% in chatty). Gnome programs have varying levels of translation (see: and An important aspect of how usable in a language a program is, is also based on how intuitive it is (especially partly translated programs) and mainly if there is a keyboard layout available (input in a language). These are all currently under development and subject to fast changes.

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This is interesting, I wasn’t aware that there was a tracking system for translation. Do you know if submissions are for Purism staff only or if community contributions are accepted?


These are not tracking systems, they ARE the translation system which is used by open source communities to decentralize translations. At least for GNOME everybody can participate and I don’t see a reason why would not take translations after bothering to put their translations up on these system.

Actually, do check
which describes exactly how to translate stuff.

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