Librem 5 installing with flatpak terminal error message

On two occasions I get the following
when trying to instal a flatpak
Unable to load summary from remote flathub: GPG verification enabled, but no signatures found (use gpg-verify= false in remote config to disable)

when trying to remove software from the Store
the notification is little different:
sorry something went wrong:
GPG verification enabled but no signatures found (use gpg-verify=false in remote todisable)

I don’t understand what the suggestion means?
Any advice?

Just to verify, you have installed the Flathub repo already, right?

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Hi @amarok
it says flatpak is installed by default?
I did execute the below command:

sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exist flathub

Ok, I don’t think mine was installed by default (earlier shipment than yours). I searched your error message on the internet and found these on github:

Maybe they will help, I don’t know…

$ flatpak remote-add … means no (without) sudo. Look here, please.


thank you - i also done a ddg check last night - nothing came up.
any how following your first link and I seem to be getting somewhere…
Here’s the terminal (via ssh)

flatpak remote-delete flathub
purism@pureos:~$ flatpak remote-add flathub
purism@pureos:~$ flatpak install flathub com.github.alainm23.planner
Looking for matches?

com.github.alainm23.planner permissions:
    ipc      network              fallback-x11         wayland      x11
    dri      file access [1]      dbus access [2]

    [1] home, xdg-run/dconf, ~/.config/dconf:ro
    [2] ca.desrt.dconf, com.github.alainm23.planner, org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.AddressBook9,
        org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.Calendar8, org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.Sources5,
        org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.Subprocess.Backend.*, org.gtk.vfs.*

        ID                                     Arch        Branch     Remote      Download
 1. [?] com.github.alainm23.planner            aarch64     stable     flathub     21.9 MB / 24.6 MB
 2. [?] com.github.alainm23.planner.Locale     aarch64     stable     flathub     14.5 kB / 3.3 MB

Installing 2/2? ???????????????????? 100%  7.3 kB/s

Also there was a great os update at the same time - i don’t know what is responsible for the seemingly progress made.

ok thank you I am now reading on Flatpak

:+1: Nice

I simply searched for this entire string:

Thanks. Both.
Really remarkably improved experience of the device!!