Librem 5 - Internet Service Provider collaboration?

Switching to a new privacy and security oriented internet provider I have asked my new IPS to consider selling the Librem 5 (separate or as a bundle) and other Purism products as they all compliment their services. The organization is now deliberating the option.

If each of us would endorse the Purism products with their own ISP I believe that could boost

  1. Purism sales in direct related markets
  2. Purism financial position
  3. quantities/bulk on short term (decreased costs of L5 -> better pricing)
  4. awareness with ISP customers, creating demand
  5. manufacturing/availability of accessories
  6. IPS intentions by exclusive Purism/open source collaboration. To these specific IPS Purism products are all complementary allowing them ti differentiate and set them apart from mainstream competition
  7. exposure and acceptance of Librem products and Pure OS
  8. open gateways to Pure OS being generally considered nd accepted to become a major OS for the mainstream
  9. and what not?

What would keep us as a community from pushing the Librem 5 through these channels?


Not having one?

The delay before anyone who orders now actually gets one?

It may be better to create buzz when that can translate into customers straight away.


I agree. Do that when the phone is actually available on the market without delays and has been proven to work.