Librem 5: interview with Nicole Færber


Here’s a new interview with Nicole.
Unfortunately, audio is not the best, but it’s interesting :slight_smile:
Prices might go up soon, in case you didn’t order yet …


Why disable comments and like/dislike stats? Leaves a very bad impression; given the kind of agenda being discussed.


He disabled comments for all videos as a consequence of excessive antisemitism.
You can discuss here, or become a Patron :wink:


Anyone know any idea when is the deadline for price before it ‘might’ goes up soon? :confused:


I’d assume they’d make a final preorder call announcement sometime before production?


I’m not so sure they would increase the price (even tough I would like to feel smug due to that since I did pre-order it :sunglasses:), but I could imagine that you might need to wait quite some time for the second batch to be produced if you did not pre-order.


@cyslider “Pre-selling at $599 until production—less than the cost of many popular smartphones” Just doesn’t say when the cost goes up :slight_smile:


Will probably be once they realise
a) how much they can get to have the most money for further models
b) how much production costs, often you encounter unexpected costs in production post-production sales can be used to offset these.