Librem 5 kit running plasma mobile


I believe plasma mobile is running on postmarketos. The librem 5 devkit has a new image for plasma mobile on postmarketos.

For reference the whole update on plasma mobile:

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I like this. I wonder how far it’s progressed - whether I can use KDE right from day 1 when the phone arrives.


Is there any place to see this video OTHER than in the maw of the (privacy-destroying) Beast?


Try going to
Search by keyword and set filter to videos.
They can present/play utube vids, without sending you there.

At least it seems that way to me.

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Thanks for the tip, but apparently they can’t stop Google tracking.

Not true. They embed the video directly from YouTube just like everyone else. (They do use the domain, but that is still a service run by YouTube, which your browser is being sent to when you watch the video.)


Have you considered using youtube-viewer?

Thanks for the info. What about this proxy “anonymous view” feature?

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This is essentially an SSL VPN through startpage. If you trust them that’s fine, but they now are a single point to spy on you from.

Even if you trust them, do you trust their home government to not compel them to do shady things?

I’m not saying whether you should or shouldn’t trust them, just starting to point out some of the questions that come up when you filter all your web traffic through a single entity.


Thank you… great points. Appreciated.

I agree with the points made by @OpojOJirYAlG regarding Startpage.​com Anonymous View.

For all f-droid users who are interested testing some plasma -mobile apps please see…

Some plasma-mobile apps have been compiled for Android and can now be installed by adding the listed repository to f-droid. I successfully tested Okular and the camera app and see this as important step to get users reporting usability issues.
Have fun. :sunglasses:


Compared to 3 month ago (with GPU-driver WIP) it seams much smoother right now!