Librem 5 + Lapdock Best Practices

I would like to make a best practices thread to help users track the best way to utilize the docked mode of their Librem 5.

My first question would be, is there a preferred way to disconnect the Librem 5 from the docked environment? Specifically I want my applications that are running to not bug or have issues, and I want the Librem 5 to stay stable.

Is it best to move all open applications back to the the Librem 5 screen?


Do you go into the pull down menu and toggle off “Docked” before unplugging from dock, or do you just unplug it directly?

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Both, I am starting to jus use the docked or undocked button in the quick pull down settings, but I have found that certain scenarios introduce stability and I am hoping that other have experienced that and have found work arounds.

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I used a hub dock for the last year on and off but only recently got a NexDock. I think my NexDock might be faulty because sometimes it randomly loses keyboard and touchpad support going into the L5, and I verified that an Android phone also does not have access to keyboard and touchpad when this happens, so it is not a L5 issue. [They seem to come back online by connecting to them via bluetooth, sometimes.]

Generally because of that, NexDock seems to have more issues in my case than Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor with a usb C hub/dock. For example, on the hub typically I would go to gnome settings and configure Single Display to the Monitor. I use a 4K monitor and it glitches out, the L5 software thinks its running at 4K but it displays nothing because L5 cant handle that. So I set to 1280x720 resolution. 1920x1080 was okay too, sometimes, but would overheat the L5 after prolonged use it seemed like. By contrast, if I set Single Display on the NexDock then shortly after have the bug where I randomly lose mouse/keyboard, then I lose the capacity to do user input to the device. So I’ve had better success leaving NexDock on the default 2 displays mode with L5 display still on, in case NexDock goes bust. Also, my L5 hasn’t overheated when pushing 1920x1080 to the NexDock yet (knock on wood).

I haven’t been using suspend, which might reduce issues I encounter. Also, connecting to NexDock seems to cause higher probability that hardware switches (WiFi/Modem) cause the system to malfunction, such that any process that attempts network action hangs indefinitely, and the L5 refuses to shut down without hardboot (holding power button). I didn’t have that problem with USB C hub docking that I can recall. But having wifi and modem active/powered on before connecting to NexDock, so as not to require touching HKS while connected, might be another practice helping to mitigate issues.

Generally because my NexDock 360 Wireless has no airplane mode and automatically activates bluetooth on its own whenever the L5 screen goes to sleep, I would say in some ways I am not impressed. I got this dock from the Nex site so maybe the one I ordered from Purism, when it comes, might be wired only - I do not know. If so, that would be awesome. Given the lack of an airplane mode and the apparent focus on Bluetooth, it seems that the target use case for the NexDock 360 Wireless in reality is probably to convince people to use Android instead of laptops, which is antithetical to freedom.


I used to use the “docked” toggle in the pull down settings, but then I didn’t really see much benefit. Especially now that I have stopped switching the to an external monitor as the “primary” display.

I haven’t experienced any increase in errors when simply unplugging the L5 from the lapdock.


The USB-C plug on the NexDock isn’t very robust. I have one where I could lose keyboard/mouse when slightly pushing against the plug. Over time that became worse and I now lose display too. Might be the same problem with yours.