Librem 5 — List of Apps in Development


OSM Scout Server is way different from a bunch of tile files on disk. In addition to raster and vector tile support, it allows you to search and calculate routes. Essentially, you have map server in your pocket. So, you would probably remove those tiles later…

If you really wish to access these tiles from Pure Maps, its possible. But you will have to start a web server that can serve these tiles and write yourself small style for Pure Maps to access them.


It took me a while to find this post again. I had my head reassembled. That mapping program is super slick! I’m having some issues typing in an address and getting a result I want, but apart from that I’m stoked as hell about it. For all USA & Canada addresses a primary key is (house number, street name, postal code). It seems to want to get street name, house number, community, city, county, state, country.


The link to 2048 game is wrong and leads to authenticator


Great to hear! Search is a tricky business. However, default search engine - Photon - should be location-biased. Right now there are issues with that service, but I hope its will be fine soon ( On L5, offline mode will be available as well, as on Sailfish. On Ubuntu Touch, offline may take some time to get fully packaged.


@adrien.plazas added 2048 game. Could you fix it, please? Don’t know where it should point to :slight_smile:


Woops, fixed. Thanks!


Thanks for the list! Just wanted to inform that the links for the Banking and TV Guide app are broken. They both have a false “l” at the end of the hyperlink attached.


Fixed links and sorting


There’s a feed reader on flathub called Feeds (the app is named gfeeds). It’s new and basic, and it fits well in the librem5 VM. It’s listed in gnome software.


How difficult would it be to try get Kodi ported for the L5, does anyone with more experience than me know?

I think it’s FLOSS so I imagine we have the right to change the code, it’d just be a case of how difficult would the port be. I’ve not got any experience with stuff like this.


As you can see here, Kodi is already part of PureOS, but not in the phone repository (compare Lollypop).

Building it for ARM is probably simple, but the UI probably needs work. Just find somebody to work on it :wink:


I’m pretty sure there are already ARM builds out there for some of the Android Boxes that people load Kodi on and the Nvidia Sheild has an ARM processor as well. I think it would really just be the UI.

I was just wondering how difficult it would be to do so.

I’m certain plenty of people with L5’s would also be Kodi Users as well that’s all.


this one is done … tough it remains to be seen how it contributes to the overall battery-life expectancy and temperature of the L5 …