Librem 5 — List of Apps in Development


You are working on an app for the Librem 5?

  • please let everybody know!
  • don’t be ashamed to add “simple” or “experimental” things
  • simplest way: drop a URL to your git repo right below here.

Someone with an account will then add it to that list. Of course, you can also sign up for a community-wiki account, but I thought it’ll be simpler (and easier to discover) this way for those who already frequent the forum.

For general discussion on the community forum see Community WIKI for Librem 5

Librem 5 — Development Chronology

Thanks for this. I was just thinking of where to share any apps or utilities I write/port.


Thanks for creating this thread, @Caliga.


Cool site! Instant Bookmark. This caught my eye right away:

I thought that was one of my natural talents!

One time in the early 80’s I was tasked with running a marketing meeting about a new company logo (I had not learned to hate the field of marketing yet / Bill Hicks fan). It was me and 4 competent women and not much progress was happening. In hindsight, nobody wanted to “look dumb” by putting an idea out there. I, devoid of inhibitions at that age and position, put out an idea which in hindsight was crap. They started riffing on it and they produced what became the new logo for the rest of the life of the company till it sold; about 20 years.

From then on, as a rule, I try to quickly offer up something that isn’t good but is making an effort towards the goal. Anybody seems to have the capacity to improve on an idea, but few people are ready to offer bad ideas.


Added to the List of Apps in Development (via PM):
Workflow - A screen time monitor based on ActivityWatch.
related topic: Purpuseful usage limits for Librem Phone?

Purpuseful usage limits for Librem Phone?

Audio book player:


Thank you @Caliga. Here is link to something that may influence Librem 5 v2 certification within EU:
If I understand this correctly, I hope that software developers will find their way to implement this by 20 December 2020.
EDIT: Above-mentioned is based on HELP112 project. Accordingly: “E112 makes use of Galileo to establish location for emergency calls to the 112 emergency number. Mandating the use of Galileo in smartphones will improve the accuracy of the caller location, which will allow emergency responders to get to the scene of an accident faster. The Regulation will apply in all EU Member States from 17 March 2022.”


The Workflow dev created a flatpak.
Added to the List of Apps in Development


I’m developing Girens a Plex Media Player. The source code can be found on Gitlab. Its already in the Flathub store.


Aye! Thanks! Added to the list.
Is “smallscreen support” really “enchanted” with the latest release or is that auto-correct going way-higher haywire?
I mean, I like it. Next release notes should have “automagic” in them :upside_down_face:


Thanks for adding it to the list. English is not my native language. Maybe enchanted is not the correct word for it…


(whether that really will improve the accuracy is debatable) but the Librem 5 should support Galileo from Day 1 as the GNSS chip is multi-constellation (GPS/Galileo/Glonass/BeiDou/QZSS). Source: Comparing specs of upcoming Linux phones

AML is discussed extensively here: Advanced Mobile Location when calling emergency services and should be mandated from 1 Jan 2022 so not as urgent as suggested.

Advanced Mobile Location when calling emergency services

At this point, China’s BeiDou is already better than GPS in 130 out of 195 countries, and it will be significantly more accurate in the future with dual frequency GNSS chips that bring accuracy to within 1 meter. Look at the list of planned BeiDou satellites:


If you can, please don’t off this topic :upside_down_face: