Librem 5: Lock the phone when snatched feature?

Hello :slight_smile:

I have been using an app from the f-droid repo called PluckLockEx. It’s amazing, it literally locks your device after the accelerometer goes up too high depending on your threshold.

I have noticed from different threads that this might decrease the privacy. If the kill switch on different components on the phone will get implemented. Then this might be useless as many people probably wanna disable that feature instead, for more privacy;
May need gyroscope hardware kill switch

But I’m gonna post this anyways in case that never happens. So locking the phone after being snatched? Anyone? +1


Definitely useful, have this app on my phone as well.

This is the description of the app “luckLockEx” taken from F-droid’s website at:

Lock your phone when snatched. An updated and improved derivative of PluckLock.

This polls the accelerometer in the background and will lock the phone if the sum of all non-gravitational forces ever exceeds the threshold.

PluckLockEx loads immediately into its preferences page, where you can set the only preference relevant to the app’s operation: the threshold at which the phone will lock when it receives an acceleration jolt. The application will run in the background, constantly monitoring the accelerometer to determine if the phone has been taken from your hand. The app will start itself when you boot your phone."

I take it from the above description, if it’s a slow moving heist, the thief will have a phone the way you last used it… right? Void of any re-boot, or app locks or other such security shutdowns!
Just asking!