Librem 5 LTE bands T-Mobile?

Hello, I am interested in preordering this phone and I am a T-Mobile user. The LTE support is vague and wanted to know if it will support Band 12. Thanks.

It won’t matter if it support Band 12, since only whitelisted phones can use the VoLTE necessary to make calls on LTE. This isn’t unique to T-Mobile – all major US carriers whitelist VoLTE clients because they’re required to verify that e911 support will work correctly. T-Mobile specifically has claimed that any e911-compliant phone will be supported somehow, but that hasn’t been my experience to date.

If the necessary bands are not supported , which is the base for anything else, it doesn’t matter if VoLTE works.
Even if it doesn’t you can always make calls over the lower generations or VoIP/SIP.

Thanks for your reply. I will wait until someone tests the phone to see if it works on the T-Mobile network.

What about T-Mobile band 71? Any word on this?