Librem 5 march 2020 software update

We have been busy :wink:


Hey OP , I was wondering is there any even remote projection on a Fir batch shipping estimate ? whether a year possibly two ? Ya know just like a ballpark estimate on when we may see a Fir batch in the future?

Dude , I am going to have a legit Nerdgasm™ the first time I make a phonecall from the command line in a linux cellular device.

Sudo apt call 7565556455 xD

remember you can’t let the wife catch you sudo’ing ! :joy:


Purism is and has been working on the camera. It is not true a camera app “is not a priority”. I still have to ask people just to shut up and say nothing when they don’t know what they’re talking about. Since it can not be Cheese it’s going to be something better enough to justify Purism’s promise. Something like GNOME CAMERA.
I am never satisfied with a shot so I always take the file to my desktop and modify it to something close to my taste. I am positive I will be able to do good enough with my L5 and Polarr.
It seems to be a community supported effort and I bet my head none of the people talking nonsense about it here are part of that effort. Please stop that behavior. It doesn’t help L5. And Purism has no time to clarify your nonsense. I was ready to ask for a refund. I changed my mind after this update and a couple click into the data linked to it. I’m in love with my L5 again!!!

It would be enough for me to have my Librem5 for my birthday in June :grinning::gift:

Are you in batch Dogwood?
Or in batch Fir, June 2021?

dogwood :grinning:

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