Librem 5 Mass Production Started Shipping

We officially shipped the first Librem 5 mass-produced phones yesterday to customers! More phones should be going out today and a new group of people should also be receiving their shipping/modem confirmation email today as well.

Todd wrote a post to commemorate the event.


Congratulations! :clap:


A very well written and thankful piece of history. btw
He highlights the exceptional achievements of his team and their efforts.
You are part of that. And hopefully part of history in the making to take back a piece of our digital rights.

Thanks to you and your colleagues. I appreciate what you are working and aiming for.


Congratulations Purism on this milestone!

Do send the RTM version of phone to all those reviewers who doubted the intent and had negative remarks against the Librem 5. Not that I hate them but let them also know what the final product evolved into.


Ok, this is good. Well done. Finally :slight_smile:
But now the race to run down the mountain has just started and the marathon of delivering to the masses begins - I hope you don’t stumble. The game does not end here - I’m afraid the princess is in another castle…

I said this the first time over a year ago: at some point, when masses have the phone and you all have had a breather, it would be great to hear what went on behind the scenes - the ups, down and the weird - in some longform media format.


Pop the corks!


Uhhhhh I wanna dance with somebody… :notes:

Thanks to all involved people from top to buttom. Even the cleaning staff. If scientists and engineers would have to clean their toilets themselves we wouldn’t be were we are now and the L5 development would be delayed another time.

I read only minor stuff about critics about purism. Some of that might be true. I won’t judge that. I just think it is a good time to reach out hands to each other again. There is already enough destruction in the world.

A huge task has reached a major goal and a vision has become reality.

This is a special day. I would like to get drunk now. Will be very hard for someone abstinent. :sweat_smile:


That with behind the scenes sounds good. I wish some documantary film maker would have been all the time there. Anyway still an interesting project to be documented afterwards. It should just be made by someone neutral.

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Some documentation of the project: Librem 5 — Promise Delivery Chart.

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(Apologies to the late Tom Petty)

Oh backer don’t it feel like heaven right now
Don’t it feel like something from a dream
Yeah I’ve never had a phone quite like this
Don’t it feel stealin’ data might never be again
Backer we knew better than to think they’d win
Google, Apple couldn’t make a phone like this
I said yeah yeah (yeah yeah) yeah yeah yeah

The waiting was the hardest part
Every day you refresh your cart
You took it on faith, you took it to the heart
The waiting was the hardest part


Aspen three years waiting for Purism to give
Birch to the Librem 5. You can call it. But you can
Chestnut call it ordinary. Only a
Dogwood deny it’s a masterpiece. May it become a true
Evergreen. And may it be improved even
Fir ther in the years to come.

(apologies for the poor spelling :upside_down_face:)


No, you don’t…
to live like an exploitee.


Discussion on Hacker News:

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How many have you shipped? How many are there TO ship? Are you shipping domestically first, or FIFO?

Just as previous batches I’ll assume that they don’t want to disclose exactly how many has been shipped, the rest of the questions are answered here:


Something like this?

Seems interesting, I’ll have to see about that when I have the time. The Mushroom Management style peaked my curiosity :smiley:

We, the backers, can all roughly calculate where is our location in the line (just by the order date and how many money the funding reached by that date). Ofc Purism can forecast how many devices will be shipped next week or the week after. But they could know how many devices have been sent this week at the end of the week. Are you, Purism, willing to tell this every week so we can sit, calm down and just see how the things are moving? That could be a nice diagram with the number of each week, and a line heading up to the stars.


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This comes across like asking someone what his salary is…

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First, I grew up and worked in a country where the salary of the co-workers in my team, or of the secretary or of the professor wasn’t a secret to others, but rather subject of the discussion in the team if the salary matched with someones results of work. This country has a name: GDR. Use Wikipedia if you don’t know this, even if I think what is written in Google or Wikipedia about this country is full of errors.

Second, asking for the amount of items shipped every week has nothing to do with someones salary but, IMHO, and is just a request of someone of the 2000 backers (i.e. me) who spent with good reasons a lot of money in advance to bring some project on track and now is waiting to get some results for more than three years already (which is no critics but just a fact).

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The thing about privacy, is that different people have different standards for what they consider private. Some people consider financial information private, others are fine with sharing it. Some keep personal health issues private, others are fine with sharing it. Some think religious and political views are private, others publish them on social media. Some live in a community where no one wears clothing, others cover almost every inch of their skin. Some share every photo of their children online, others strictly prohibit it. Some are comforted by ubiquitous surveillance cameras in public places, others are unnerved by it.

Given the wide range of sensibilities around privacy, my default stance has always been to respect other people’s desire for privacy, even if I don’t share the same sensibility.