Librem 5 media (photos and videos)

I am very interested in this and would like to know where did the app came from? Was the .apk for the banking-app simply copied from another android phone or is it possible (was actually used) to use /install apps from the play store?

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In my case I just downloaded it manually from Play Store using some alternative client and then copied it to the phone and installed via adb install.

There are apps that allow you to browse and install things from Play Store, like Aurora Store - unfortunately this one seems to crash in Anbox and I haven’t tried alternative ones so far.


would the same payment process be more secure/private if done through the web-app (web-site) directly on PureOS/GNOME-Web/FireFox ?

As far as I know there’s no way to use BLIK mobile payments from the website, you need the app for that. From the browser I can only do regular transfers that are two-factor authenticated via either the app or SMS.


Thanks for the explainations. Especially for apps like banking apps or other apps for official authentication a more secure procedure than using alternative app-stores would be beneficial. A super secure phone is only as secure as the apps one HAS to use.
Nevertheless, great job… reduced many concerns.

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Well there is also this:

This one is a bit more clear on what the app is :smiley: :

Still needs a bit of work, but yes, that is the email client geary on a Librem 5


Which geary version is that? Can I test it as well? I’ve been struggling with getting geary to work because the accounts settings dialog does not fit the screen, is that solved in the version you’re running?

Check this repo:


Thanks, it works: Testing the Geary email client

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The PinePhone runs very well hardware accelerated too so that tweet is very misleading.

Which distribution uses GPU accelerated Epiphany?

Not Epiphany specifically, but the tweet states the following:

L5 have GPU enabled. PinePhone’s doesn’t because of missing elements (it doesn’t makes much different anyway).

And another user further below clearly shows that hardware accelerated PinePhone makes a huge difference, which the author also response to.

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This is by far the best video I have seen this year. Great work Purism! :slightly_smiling_face:


No a sign of camera though :roll_eyes:

Kind of ironic that the screenshots are too wide for my phone screen.

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Here is the first shot…


Yes, for those wanting to track the work getting the camera working on the Librem 5, they can follow that issue ticket :smiley:

But that is work in progress, so you will probably see several pictures like the ones in that ticket that are tests, and some of those won’t be pretty, along this “training of the camera”.

To pull a quote from the matrix:

Why do my eyes hurt?

You’ve never used them before.