Librem 5 media (photos and videos)

Let’s collect photos and videos of the Librem 5. Please add what you find.

EDIT: I just learned there is already a wiki page doing this. So please contribute there if you find or create additional media.

EDIT 2: I can’t promise anything but if you don’t have an account for the wiki you can post your media here and I (or someone else) may add it to the wiki.


Additional note: basically every video (more than 50) about the Librem 5 are collected in
Librem 5 — Development Chronology

You have to scroll down ~5 pages to the headline

Additional resources

So, here’s a new Librem 5 video for you guys to enjoy :slight_smile:


Not cool. Too brief. :slight_smile:
I want a full hands on video.
Followed by initial review in a few days

skip the hands-on and do a full review with unboxing and the whole-shabang !


Are they still getting things to work? I don’t see any other reason. Openess or vaccumn?
Ship happens?

I hope we will see photos and video taken with close diaphragm soon. All are 80% blurry…

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Here are some new pictures of the phone:


Thank you for sharing !

I am a bit disappointed to see always the same kind of picture with only the background changing. We do not see the phone on a side view (as it is thick, I just would like to see how thick it is).

Also, the picture with Openstreetmap is cool, but it is a web browser request, I hope to see soon PureMaps, which is THE navigation app for Linux !

Anyway, it is cool to have some news.


Yes, not too much news in those pictures.
The most interesting is the one with the app selection, showing that you can pin web pages there.
(It also indicates it’s not Todd’s phone as he doesn’t use Twitter :wink: (at least for non-business purposes)

Anyway, on the side, below the volume controls, there seems to be slot in the case for one of the card readers. Didn’t really see that before.


Regarding pinned webpages - pretty sure it’s GNOME Web’s “Install Site as Web Application” feature, which has existed for quite some time (well, a few years at least). But yes, it effectively just let’s you open the page in a new web window, though modified to have no search/url bar, among other things.

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It certainly is. I think that was also confirmed many moons ago either on the forums or in a blog posts. Just interesting to see it. It’s actually kinda yet another delivered promise - the original campaign page was talking about HTML5 apps to fill the gaps of missing native apps. And while it might not be much more than a bookmark, it certainly is nicer.

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i prefer my bookmarks nicely organised in a vertical manner - love firefoxs’ CTRL+B . that’s not an option in Chrome is it ?

Et voila
Pure Maps on the Librem 5.


Interesting new pictures:


judging from these pictures it looks like it’s gonna’ be the best looking phone i’ve ever held in my hands. that dark anodized aluminum looks so pro.


Yeah nice pics. How do you get to the battery? The uncapped switches look kinda plasticy(flimsy?).
Can’t wait to get my hands on mine!

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Added pics to the Librem 5 Gallery

I don’t think what you see are uncapped switches.

  • Uncapped switches were promised for Aspen.
  • The early pictures show plastic caps.
  • The latest pictures show anodized aluminium caps.
    (that’s how it looks to me)

So is this a latter batch? Maybe Birch or Chestnut?

What about access to change the battery?