Librem 5 media (photos and videos)




Huh, I haven’t seen any issues with keyboard not popping up automatically for a long time now :thinking:
The reported battery life is also much shorter than in my experience - I get similar results when running the system from an SD card, which is quite a power hog. Yesterday I was trying to quickly discharge a full Evergreen battery from 100% to 0% - with a game, camera and flashlight running simultaneously at full brightness it took me about 3 hours to do so. Maybe it’s some variance from WiFi networks, or poor cellular signal making the modem eat much more power?


I believe he got his in November last year. If the L5 was kept charging most of the time at 100% could the battery have decayed a lot in that time frame? As the power control seems to jsut bring it to 100% without any variance at present.

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I feel like pass would be a good candidate for password manager integration, it should already “work” but a couple things would make it super seamless - a gpg key manager app with mobile friendly UI for importing or generating gpg keys to use with pass (I haven’t checked the app store so maybe there’s one already or maybe kleopatra or an existing app already works), and a mobile friendly pass client that can be easily invoked to access the pass store which should be pretty straightforward since pass is just gpg encrypted text files and the gpg agent handles the hard stuff.

Same, this happened with a an older version,


I made a pass client:

Not sure if this is sufficient for your use.


Neat that looks pretty promising - I haven’t set up gpg on my phone yet but I’ll give it a shot when I do. I don’t use pass tomb, just the default setup with gpg files in ~/.password-store. I’m not sure if I understand completely what using a tomb adds, but if your gui works without using the tomb plugin then it should be sufficient for me.

Yes, should work without the tomb. The tomb encrypts the whole folder so that the structure is hidden.

The program is propably pretty basic but it fits my needs so far.